Hector Montes Needs a Kidney

Hector Montes Needs a Kidney

I donated a kidney to my best friend’s sister in 2004.

Now my husband of five years needs a kidney

 and I don’t have a kidney to donate to him.

I am hoping for good karma to bring a kidney to him.


I’m asking for your help to spread the word. If you want to help share the need for a donor with your friends and family, I would appreciate it. It’s possible that one of them, or someone they know, would be able to help Hector.


As you may or may not know, Hector Montes, has had Diabetes for over 30 years, and although well controlled, it has finally led to End-Stage Kidney, and his kidneys have stopped working. 


Hector goes to dialysis at 4:30 am every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday to stay alive. 

While your body and mine are constantly flushing toxins out of our bodies; Hector is basically only “urinating“ three (3) times a week. I’m glad he has dialysis to keep him alive but the dialysis process causes other health problems. 


His doctors say that his best chance for living a long time is to get a kidney transplant.

There are almost 100,000 people on the waitlist already. The waiting time for a kidney transplant in New York is 8 years. Hector could get a transplant within the next six months if someone decides to donate a kidney to him.  


Living donors don’t have to be biologically related to Hector. The woman I donated to is Hispanic and I am Romanian. In 2004 five of us went to get our blood type tested to see if one of us was a match. I was the only one who was compatible. We completed all the required tests within 3 months and she received my kidney before Christmas 2004. The kidney started working immediately – I like to say she “pee-ed” on the operating table. I went in on a Thursday and I was discharged on Saturday and returned to work the next Thursday.


Now the Living Donor Transplant process has advanced. Through the Paired Donation Program, if you are not a compatible match for Hector you can still help him receive a kidney.

The first tests that are typically done for all donor-recipient pairs are a blood type and crossmatch to see if the donor and recipient are “compatible”. 


In the past, an incompatible pair had no alternative, and the potential recipient simply stayed on the deceased donor waitlist. Now it is possible for even incompatible pairs to enjoy the many benefits of living donation. Paired exchange, also known as paired donation, is an option that matches incompatible donor-recipient pairs with other pairs, and they “exchange” donors. 


If you want to find out more about become a Kidney Donor and helping Hector, you can click on this link and you can be pre-screened as a potential donor https://cornell.donorscreen.org/register/now


or you can call Weill Cornell Medical Center Transplant Center at 


and tell them you want to find out more about donating a kidney to 

Hector Montes 

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